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spa troubleshooting From time to time all hot tub owners may run into a spa upkeep problem.  No need to despair! Use this handy guide to understand, solve, and prevent many common non-mechanical issues.




Cloudy and/or smelly water
  • Excessive contaminates
  • Water out-of-balance
  • Clogged or worn-out filter
  • Low sanitizer level
  • Activities of children
Excessive foaming.

Water turns milky-white from small bubbles, when jets running

  • High contaminates and/or soap residues
  • Buildups in spa plumbing system
  • Low calcium water hardness
  • Water out-of balance

*not needed if using Cleanwater Blue

Skin irritation, rashes, strong fumes, burning eye sensation, hot tub Folliculitis
  • Incorrect sanitizer level
  • Excessive chloramines
  • Water out-of-balance
  • Buildup of gasses under spa cover
  • Overdose of non-chlorine shock
  • Biofilm contamination
  • Pseudomonas bacteria
Scum & oil film, tub ring
  • Body oils, cosmetics, lotion residues
  • Clogged or worn-out filter
  • Low sanitizer level
  • Excessive contaminates

*not needed if using Cleanwater Blue

Discolored water:
water turns brown, blue, green or black
  • Excessive mineral content
  • Metal parts in equipment eroding
  • Copper, iron or manganese in water being oxidized by chlorine, monopersulfate or ozone
  • Low pH
  • Low hardness level

*if using Cleanwater Blue system, use only Cleanwater Purge for metal control

Foul, sour or musty odor
  • Low sanitizer level
  • Excessive contaminates
  • Mold or mildew on underside of spa cover (may not be visible in early stages)
Excessive pH fluctuation
  • Improper total alkalinity level
  • High bather load

*not recommended if using
Cleanwater Blue system

Stains or scale on spa surfaces
  • Mineral content of water
  • Well water

*if using Cleanwater Blue system, use Cleanwater Purge for metal control

Fading & cracking of spa cover
  • Sunlight damage
  • Use of products containing silicone oil
  • Use a spa cover protectant to greatly increase the life of your cover, such as 303 Protectant
Scratches on spa shell
  • Abrasion from dirt & grit
  • Remedy with a scratch-removal kit such as Novus
  • Remove grit and debris with the Shake-a-Vac
Shell surface dull or faded
  • Sun damage, normal wear and tear
  • Clean all surfaces with Clean All non-foaming spray cleaner
  • Apply Gel Gloss polish to seal and restore luster to hot tubs and spas


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