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There's a multitude of spa products available today. The Spa Depot offers a huge selection of highest quality supplies for hot tubs, at the very best discount price.

pH & TA Adjusting Chemicals
Water Clarifiers
Leak Sealer & More
Best quality chemicals - discount prices.

* Some items available in other sizes under additional stock numbers.


Disinfect & Maintain Purity of Spa Water

Product Stock # Description
Cleanwater Blue KT1009* Advanced bromine & chlorine free spa purifier system. Odorless in your hot tub. Will not cause red eyes or skin irritation. Requires very little maintenance.
Bromine Tablets CA1001* Popular sanitizing system containing a bromine compound, in convenient tablet form.  Dispensed automatically in an adjustable chem float such as our #AC1001.
Bromine Booster Granular Sodium Bromide CA1010 Bromine Booster contains sodium bromide to establish an immediate bromine reserve upon initial refilling of the spa. Use with your spa shock at startup.
Nature2 Spa Purifier
Safe for the environment
CA1016* An insert that fits inside hot tub filter cartridges.  Sanitizes and purifies by releasing silver ion into the water.  Nature 2 is an odorless system, used with Oxy-Spa. May also be shocked using sodium dichlor (chlorine). Lasts 4 months.  We also carry Nature2 for Above Ground Pools, #CA1037. Not bromine compatible.
Frog Mineral Purifier
Kind to our environment
CA1040 A spa filter cartridge insert.  Purifies by releasing small amounts of natural minerals into the water.  Maintained using Oxy Spa and a small residual of bromine or chlorine. Lasts 4 months.
Dichlor Sanitizing Granules CA1011 Sodium dichlor in granular form. The only type of chlorine suited for the hot water environment of spas.  Although sometimes used as a sanitizer, we recommend it primarily as an occasional shock treatment to clear up problems caused by heavy bather loads.
Spa Algaecide CA1032 An EPA registered algaecide.  Kills and prevents every type of algae and slime growth. Formula is specially designed to be non-foaming.  A Leisure Time product.
1" Chlorine Tablets CA1049* Trichlor tablets in 1" size, so they fit our floating chemical dispenser #AC1001.  For pools only.


Break-down Organic Contaminants & Oils

Product Stock # Description
OxySpa CA1021* Non-chlorine oxygen shock (potassium peroxymonosulfate) oxidizes the contaminants on which bacteria feed. The destruction of this foreign matter allows the disinfectant system to work more effectively. Also called potassium monopersulfate. Odorless in spa.  100% pure monopersulfate compound (MPS) containing no fillers.  4.5 - 4.75% active oxygen. Compare to Leisure Time RenewTM or any other brand.  Our Oxy Spa is by far the very best value. (OxyShock)
Dichlor Sanitizing Granules CA1011 Sodium dichlor (sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione) in granular form. The only type of chlorine suited for the hot water environment of spas. We recommend it primarily as an occasional shock treatment to clear up problems heavy bather loads can cause. Eliminates foul odors and helps reduce cloudiness caused by excessive contaminants.


Adjust & Maintain: pH, TA & Hardness Water Chemistry

Product Stock # Description
Alkalinity Increaser CA1017 Alkalinity Increaser raises Total Alkalinity (TA) and helps bring pH into proper range if it is too low. Helps to reduce corrosion of metal parts and damage to pump motors and heaters. Minimizes pH bounce. Optimizes effectiveness of bromine and other sanitizers. Our special grade is fast dissolving, and spa & pool water optimized.
Composition: 100% sodium bicarbonate, also called sodium hydrogen carbonate. Also known as pH Buffer/Alkalinity Increaser.
pH Decrease CA1018 pH Decrease (sodium bisulfate, also called Dry Acid) is used to lower high pH and Total Alkalinity (TA) of spa and pool water. Helps to prevent the buildup of harmful scale on equipment and in spa heaters.  Sometimes called Spa Down.
pH Increase CA1019 pH Increase (sodium carbonate or soda ash) raises low pH and Total Alkalinity of spa and pool water. Reduces corrosion damage to metal parts, pump motors and heaters. Optimizes effectiveness of sanitizers. Reduces eye irritation caused by low pH.
Hardness Increaser CA1020 Hardness Increaser (calcium chloride) increases the calcium hardness of soft spa or pool water. This prevents excessive etching and corrosion caused by water containing very low levels of dissolved calcium. Low hardness also causes foam.
Control the pH CA1008 Helps to eliminate fluctuating pH. Only one dose upon each spa filling. Control pH was developed to help perfectly maintain and balance pH in any spa or hot tub. Lasts until spa is drained and refilled (approx. 2 to 4 months.)  Replaces pH Hold, pH Perfect & pH Proper.
Easy pH CA1051 The only product which will increase pH without affecting Total Alkalinity.  Easy pH is so effective, it has been granted a U.S. Patent.
Acid Magic CA1062 Reduces stubbornly-high pH and TA.  The Muriatic Acid replacement which will not burn skin, and is virtually free of fumes.


Achieve Crystal Clear Water

Product Stock # Description
Sea Klear Clarifier
Safe for the environment
CA1035* Vanson Sea Klear is a truly amazing product containing chitosan, a natural ingredient made from Pacific Northwest crab shells. This product clears cloudy water, sequesters oils, dirt, and scum, and actually takes unwanted metals out of the spa water, to maximize filtration. Environmentally safe and non-toxic. Recommended clarifier for the Cleanwater Blue and Nature2 systems.
Clear & Sparkle CA1009 Clear & Sparkle is a specially formulated preparation that restores clarity and refreshes murky water. It increases the efficiency of spa and hot tub filters by trapping microscopic particles suspended in cloudy water.
Spa Perfect
Earth Friendly Product
CA1031 Spa Perfect prevents scum & water-line buildup, and helps keep water clear. A natural enzyme product. Dose just 1 oz. per 100 gallons each week. Biodegradable, non-toxic formula means ultra clear water. Made by Natural Chemistry.
Scum Buster
Kind to our environment
CA1022 Scum Buster is an enzyme-based, earth-friendly formula.  It digests body oils, lotion residues and other film causing contaminants, to keep the spa or hot tub water fresh longer. Used as directed, will not affect pH balance. Use a mere 1 oz. weekly to treat 450-500 gallons. Very economical.
Enzyme Clear
Kind to our environment
CA1063 Enzyme Clear is an all natural formula that helps to keep your spa water crystal clear and clean while reducing maintenance time and chemical usage. Destroys scum lines and reduces odors.

Metal Reducers

Protect your Equipment from Stains & Scale Deposits

Product Stock # Description
Metal Free CA1064 Metal Free solves problems with discolored spa water caused by metal impurities in hot tub water. Very effective in removing and preventing water discoloration. Improved formula replaces Minquest. Most colored water problems result from the presence of metallic impurities such as iron (rusty color), copper (green) or other minerals (black, brown, etc). 
Spa Defense CA1070 This formula prevents calcium scale build-up. Spa Defense inhibits minerals in the water from forming numerous salt deposits where calcium can grow. Concurrently, it protects heater and spa from damaging build-up and corrosion. Equivalent to Spa Defender.


Keep your Hot Tub, Spa Cover, & Filters Like New

Product Stock # Description
Spa System Flush
Earth Friendly Product
MT1028 Spa System Flush completely cleans the inside of your spa's plumbing system. Removes accumulated deposits, film, scum & grime! The only product of its kind-- a unique and powerful, yet environmentally-safe formula.  Add just before you drain the spa, run pumps and jets a few minutes, and the job is done! You'll be astonished at the grime it removes from even well-maintained spas & hot tubs. Economical to use, enough to treat 800 gallons.
Clean All Spray
Safe for the environment
MT1012 Unique, phosphate-free, yet powerful formula. Cleans most surfaces including acrylic, fiberglass, tile, plaster and wood. Cleans metal & plastic fittings, glass, fabrics, vinyl. Unlike household cleaners, won't alter pH balance or cause foaming of spa water. Spa, boat, car, kitchen and bath. You'll find many more uses around the home. CleanAll's enzyme formula contains no soap, detergent, alcohol or phosphates.
Clean All C
Kind to our environment
MT1013 CleanAll C is the highly concentrated form of Clean All spray.  Makes 96 oz. which is enough to fill the CleanAll sprayer 4 times.  Very economical to use.
Power Soak MT1014 Power Soak is a fast-acting, heavy-duty granular spa & pool filter cartridge cleaner. The formula recommended by major manufacturers and preferred by professionals. Releases its power when mixed in hot or cold water. Removes lotion residues, body oils, dirt & grime. Non-foaming. Economical to use-- does 4 cleanings.
Eco Soak
Safe for the environment
MT1015 Eco-Soak is the concentrated, earth-friendly liquid spa & pool filter cartridge cleaner. Removes lotion residues, body oils, dirt & grime. Contains no harsh chemicals. Non-foaming. Economical to use, does 4 cartridge cleanings! Biodegradable, non-toxic.
Eco Spray
Earth Friendly Product
MT1023 Eco Spray Instant Filter Cleaner is an exclusive, earth-friendly amino-acid formula quickly cleans spa & pool filter cartridges.  When you don't have hours to soak them overnight, just spray it on, wait 5 minutes, then rinse. No harsh chemicals, so it will not harm wood decks, sidewalks, or even shrubs!  Super-concentrated, so it's enough lots of cleanings.
TLC MT1022 TLC is a superior formula for cleaning and descaling vinyl liners, tile, fiberglass, and concrete. Removes most stains, oil, grime and mineral scale. Effective in removing scale rings from spa acrylic at the waterline, where other cleaners fail. A GLB product.
Acid Magic CA1062 Acid Magic is the best choice for acid-washing spa filters to remove calcium scale buildup. The Muriatic Acid replacement which won't burn skin, and is virtually free of fumes.

Misc. Spa Products

To Protect & Improve your Hot Tubbing Experience

Product Stock # Description
Foam Free CA1066 Foam Free is our most powerful, concentrated defoamer. Use it whenever persistent foaming is a problem, and to prevent new foam from developing. Instantly eliminates foam in hot tubs, swimming pools and fountains.
Gel Gloss MT1017 A sealant and polish which bonds to the spa shell finish to protect and beautify. Durable and non-streaking.  Prevents cracking and fading of the spa finish used regularly.
303 Protectant
Earth Friendly Product
MT1020* 303 Protectant prevents the weather from ruining your spa cover. A product originally developed in the aerospace industry, it bonds deep into vinyl, fiberglass, and acrylic surfaces to block the sun's UV rays and guard against ozone damage, cracking and fading. Outlasts the leading brand of vinyl treatment by 4-10 times, but contains no harmful silicone oils or petroleum distillates. Non-toxic formula.
303 Hi-Tech
Fabric Guard
MT1040 303 High Tech Fabric Guard restores lost water and stain repellency to outdoor fabrics such as lounger cushions and umbrellas, while stopping leaks and resisting dirt.  It greatly impedes mildew formation, and helps guard against the sun's harmful UV rays. Long lasting, it adds years of life to a wide variety of outdoor fabric products.
Scum Balls
Safe for the environment
MT1007* The Scumball floats in your spa, hot tub, or pool to remove & absorb body oils, scum & lotion residue.
Oil Scum Absorber
Kind to our environment
MT1052 The ZorbO Oil Scum Absorber contains a hi-tech material which attracts oils and scum & reduces the odor associated with these organics. Helps keep hot tub spa water cleaner & fresher.  Truly amazing effectiveness.  Lasts for up to 6 months!  Compare to the Zorbie spa cube or any other scum absorbing product-- the ZorbO is the better buy.  We guarantee you will agree!
Leak Sealer
MT1018 Seal A Leak is a highly effective, concentrated formula designed to seal plumbing and shell leaks in virtually any spa. It will seal holes up to 1/8" in diameter and form a permanent bond. Simply remove your filter, add solution to the spa water during filtration cycle and allow the repair to mend.
Novus Polish Kit MT1009 Novus (the windshield repair people) have developed a wonderful plastic scratch removal and polishing system. This 3-part kit contains everything you need to remove those unsightly swirls and spa surface scratches-- even relatively deep ones! Restores spas, as well as other plastic, acrylic, Plexiglas, to like-new condition. Three large disposable polishing cloths and instructions included.
Just Soft Spa Moisturizer
Earth Friendly Product
SS3028* Just Soft Spa Moisturizer by inSPAration is a rich and smooth, totally fragrance-free spa and bath skin softening moisturizer. Silky emollients protect skin from the drying effects of chemicals or hard water. A great complement to the inSPAration spa scents line. Can be used with or without inSPAration fragrances. Does not affect water chemistry.
InSpaRation Fragrance
Earth Friendly Product
Scents Our unique InSpaRation spa fragrance blends are formulated for your hot water enjoyment, creating a rich soothing aromatherapy experience. These delightful scents leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized, while masking chemical odors. Will not cause foaming or affect water chemistry. Contains no alcohol -- water-soluble.

* Some items available in other sizes under additional stock numbers


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