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Cleanwater Blue Pro Supplies Kit

SKU: KT1009
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Cleanwater Blue System Quick Start Guide pdf  Cleanwater Blue White Paper pdf

The Cleanwater Blue Pro Starter Kit has the essential products needed for the start-up and maintenance of your spa water, without harsh fumes or hassles. Cleanwater Blue is the advanced bromine and chlorine free alternative purifier!  Our Pro kit features Full-size containers (NOT just small sample sizes!!) of the quality products for purifying and balancing your spa water, plus the ZorbO scum absorber for superior water quality.


  • Cleanwater Blue Bactericide/Algicide, 8 oz. - an advanced alternative spa purifier.
  • Cleanwater Prep, 8 oz. - prepares your spa by sequestering excess calcium.
  • Cleanwater Purge, 8 oz. - stain & scale control, compatible with Cleanwater Blue.
  • Oxy Spa, 2 lbs. non-chlorine monopersulfate (MPS)  for regular shocking.
  • ZorbO - Earth-friendly oil scum absorber.
  • Alkalinity Increaser (pH Buffer), 1 lb. - for raising low pH and Total Alkalinity of spa water. Prevents equipment corrosion.
  • pH Decreaser, 1.5 lb. - lowers excessive pH & Total Alkalinity to control scale formation on equipment & heater element.
  • Sea Klear Natural Clarifier, 16 oz. - for keeping your water sparkling clear.
  • Cleanwater Blue Copper 3-way Test Strips - for testing copper ion level, plus pH & TA.  Enough for about a year's testing.
  • Dichlor Sanitizing Granules, 1 lb. - for startup and occasional shocking as needed.
  • Measuring Cups - for accurate dosages, inside each Cleanwater product box.
  • Quick-Start Instruction Guide -easy step-by-step instructions to get you started, inside each Cleanwater product box.

Huge savings over cost if bought separately
-- comparable $140 retail value.  
Unbeatable deal at our special kit price!

Cleanwater Blue Bactericide-Algicide is the most advanced spa water purification system we have ever offered. Going chlorine and bromine free is easier than ever with Cleanwater Blue. Its gentle to equipment and won't sting your nose or burn your eyes. Your spa water will be more inviting and feel softer, without a chemical smell. You'll be amazed how good your skin feels after tubbing! The odor-free alternative to chlorine and bromine! Say goodbye to irritated skin, red eyes, harsh fumes, and bleached swimsuits. Rely on the low-maintenance Cleanwater Blue system for crystal clear, sparkling clean, comfortable water without all the problems, and a lot less expense.

Its so easy! The long-lasting formula lets you escape the chore of frequent water testing and maintenance. You'll likely find it less expensive to use than chlorine, bromine, or other alternative purifier systems. Cleanwater Blue has taken the hassle out of hot tub maintenance, since you only have to test and adjust your spa water twice a month with these products.

The advanced Cleanwater Blue System benefits:

Cleanwater Blue spa purifier

Better for You...
Better for Your Spa!

  • Its hassle-free
    The long-lasting formula frees you from the chore of frequent maintenance. Simply test and dose twice a month.
  • Its Earth Friendly
    Safe for the environment. Instead of harsh chemicals, copper ions are used to purify your spa water.
  • Its compatible
    The Cleanwater Blue system works great with ozonators, and is even compatible with bromine and chlorine.
  • Its odor free
    Your skin will feel great, and you wont smell like bromine or chlorine when you emerge from a spa treated with Cleanwater Blue.
  • Its more economical
    The long-lasting formula costs less to maintain than bromine, chlorine, or other alternative purifier products. Super-concentrated... Cleanwater Blue system product dosages are just a few milliliters, only twice a month!

How the Cleanwater Blue system works:

Copper is nature's purifier The active ingredient of Cleanwater Blue is copper ions. Copper has been used in water purification since ancient times. The early Egyptians discovered that water stored in copper vessels stayed fresher for longer periods of time, although they knew nothing of copper ions or microbiology, nor how to maximize copper's purification potential.


A Breakthrough...
Now the purifying properties of copper have been taken a huge step further. A unique molecular activity-enhancer: CW-286, has been developed which radically boosts coppers purification power. The CW-286 carrier molecule has numerous negatively charged attachment points which hold Cleanwater Blue's positively charged copper ions, and keep them highly potentiated and biologically active.



When bacteria or algae come into contact with the potentiated Cleanwater Blue CW-286 molecule, copper ions are released which they quickly absorb. This destroys the microbes by disrupting their cell structure. The dead cells organic material is then easily oxidized away with Oxy Spa non-chlorine shock.


As effective and powerful as Cleanwater Blue is in destroying bacteria and algae, it is also environmentally friendly, and EPA registered for your peace of mind. In fact, at its recommended dilution in your spa water, the copper content even passes the standards for safe drinking water. Better for you, better for your spa's equipment. Now that's reassuring!

Product Notes: Cleanwater Blue is concentrated, and very economical to use! Just 15 ml (1/2 oz.) every two weeks maintains a 300 gallon spa!  An EPA registered copper-ion bactericide/algicide. Active ingredient: copper sulfate pentahydrate, 5% which is specially bound with CW-286 carrier molecule. Includes Quick Start Guide, measuring cups, and complete instructions inside each Cleanwater product box. One bottle will last the average spa owner 4 to 6 months. Replaces Rainforest Blue.

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Good     6/5/2014
I like we shock with diclhlor near 50%
I am happy that I replaced my spa frog system with Clearwater blue. One thing I should say upfront is my family of four uses the hot tub almost every other day at least and we've completely giving up on showering first. With our bathing load we have to shock with Dichlor almost half of the time. It leaves me questioning if a saltwater system might be more effective for our situation.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 35-44
Location: Portland, or
Has owned this product for: 7 - 11 months
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Excellent     4/6/2014
Works Very Well
I was skeptical of this product, but needed a bromine/Chlorine free system for my wife. This product works very well. We are through our first full season using this, and I am very happy with its performance.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 45-54
Location: Louisville, KY
Has owned this product for: 7 - 11 months
Uses product: Every few days

Recommends this product? Yes

Excellent     1/12/2014
Simpler and cleaner
We switched from chlorine to bromine some time ago, but were still unhappy using harsh, toxic, powdered chemicals. I agree with the "low-maintenance" assessment of the Cleanwater Blue system - you test the spa water just once every 2 weeks and add relatively small amounts of liquid chemicals to adjust water chemistry accordingly. However, I do NOT necessarily agree that you do so at "a lot less expense." The products in the Cleanwater "system" range in price from $16.95 to $29.95 per 8-ounce bottle, so things can add up quickly. The Pro Supplies Kit from Spa Depot was a great value, but the cost of ongoing usage might surprise you: - You only use the Prep product at spa fill-up and water change intervals, so one bottle of that product can last for 3-4 years, assuming that you re-fill your spa once every 3-4 months. - The Purge product is used every 2 weeks, however, so an 8-oz bottle will barely make it 24 weeks, or less than 6 months. - Likewise, the main Cleanwater Blue Bactericide/Algecide requires regular replenishment on 2-week intervals, so I expect that about 6 months from one bottle will be the norm. Do the math, therefore, and at everyday prices, you can expect to shell out about $100 per year just to keep your Cleanwater spa going. An annual of traditional sanitizers, despite their drawbacks, is still available at a fraction of the cost. (Additional items such as shock treatment, pH up/down, etc. are req'd in either environment.)

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 45-54
Location: Midwest
Has owned this product for: 2 - 7 weeks
Uses product: Several times a month

Recommends this product? Yes

Showing 3 out of 8 reviews. See all reviews.

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