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Spa Water Balance Pack

SKU: CA1103
PRICE: $18.95

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Our Spa Water Balance Pack contains all of the chemicals that you need for perfectly balanced hot tub water. Balanced means that it is neither too alkaline (high pH) which causes destructive scale buildup on equipment, nor too acidic (low pH) which may erode plumbing and cause costly damage to spa pumps, seals and heaters. Balanced water has a more pleasant feel to the skin, and allows your sanitizer to work more effectively.

Pack contains:

  • Alkalinity Up - Raises low total alkalinity (TA) to reduce corrosion and help prevent pH bounce. 1 lb.
  • pH Increaser - Raises low pH to prevent corrosion, optimize sanitizer effectiveness, and reduce eye irritation. 1 lb.
  • pH Decreaser - Lowers high pH and TA to prevent scale buildup. 1.5 lbs.
  • Increase Calcium - Raises low water hardness levels to help prevent corrosion, and reduce foaming. 14 oz.

Maximum Active Ingredients

Highest Percentage Active Ingredients!

Don't waste good money on spa chemicals with a high percentage of cheap filler ingredients. They may cost a few cents less, but are less effective and end up costing you more time and money in the long run.

Product notes: Savings over purchasing these items individually. Take periodic measurements of spa water with test strips to achieve balance. Check TA first, then adjust for proper pH range. Proper TA will buffer pH, preventing pH fluctuations.

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