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CAUTION: Electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. We recommend that repairs be referred to a qualified electrician or spa technician. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected prior to making any inspections or repairs. The information  provided here is for educational purposes only.

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Spa repairs No high speed.

Components associated:

  • Pump Air Switch
  • Pump Motor

A) Select high speed;  if pump motor does not engage, rotate timer and turn thermostat full clockwise (CW). If high speed engages with timer or thermostat swap connections (red and black) at the back of the pump. If timer and thermostat have no effect, check for correct voltage at the BLK and WHT wires on back of motor (110 or 220vac depending on model of control). If correct but high speed is not engaged, replace pump motor.

B) If voltage is not correct, check for voltage at the pump air switch (black wire to neutral, 110vac). If good at air switch, problem has to be at receptacle or in the pump cord. Inspect for burned or melted terminals; check cord insulation for breaks.  Replace any discolored, broken, burned or melted connections.

C) If voltage is incorrect at air switch output, check for proper input (black wires on the end of the air switch, 110vac). If correct, replace pump air switch.

D) If voltage at air switch input does not check correct, there has to be other symptoms that have been missed in previous testing, or there is an internal wiring problem. Run through the operation of the control completely. If everything else checks good there is an internal wiring or circuit board problem. If not, troubleshoot based on new symptoms.

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