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Saltron Mini Spa Salt System Chlorine Generator

SKU: CX1004
PRICE: $189.95
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Saltron Mini
Portable Chlorine Generator for Spas

The Saltron® MINI Spa Sanitation System produces a pure form of chlorine by electrolysis of salt (NaCl) in order to sanitize your spa water. After the salt is converted to chlorine and the bacteria are killed, the chlorine converts back to salt and this process is ongoing. The salt concentration used is very low (less than that in a human tear).

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Chlorine output can be easily adjusted by the integrated timer on the power supply unit, and tested with our Chlorine Test Strips. One Saltron™ MINI unit can treat up to 600 gallons of spa water (or up to 2000 gallons Swim Spa water). 

Advantages of the Saltron MIni:

  • For any in-ground or above ground spa or swim spa up to 2,000 gallons.
  • Built-in timer included.
  • Independent from the spa filter and pump system.
  • Reverse polarity every 2-4 hours on cell.
  • Comes with cell holder which conveniently gives the cell a home while bathing.
  • Replaceable cell with 12 ft. connector cable.
  • Easy to set-up and no installation or plumbing required.
  • No more purchasing, transportation or storage of chlorine.
  • No more skin irritations and itchy red eyes.
  • Eco-friendly and very minimal electricity required.
  • LED indicator lights illuminate for easy salt level reference.
  • Commercial grade titanium cell plates coated with precious metals.
  • Switch-mode power supply supplies smooth current to cell resulting in longer lifetime.
  • Critical fault protections with automatic shut-down. 
Just 3 Easy Steps to Convert any Spa: Easy Installation:
3 Steps Easy Installation

Saltron Mini Installation & Owner's Manual
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More About Salt Systems

Product notes: Features safe, low-voltage generator cell. Saltron Mini is suitable for any size hot tub, even swim spas up to 2,000 gallons. Run time is easily programmed with included electronic timer/power supply for various water volumes and bather loads. From Solaxx, the leader in automated water treatment solutions. 6 ft. power cord; 12 ft. cell cable. 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 0.2A. Output: 5.0 VDC, 2A.

1 Year Warranty


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Showing 3 out of 9 reviews. See all reviews.

Excellent     11/26/2014
No Brainer - Must Have
This is a must-have, and a no-Brainer. And let me give a few tips. Some acquired from use and some after talking with SpaDepot folks about this. a) Don't get the Nexa Spa Dead Sea Minerals; meant for the previous Salt water equipment sold by SpaDepot. It says each bag is meant for 250 gallons of water; that won't work for this Saltron unit as it requires much more. These minerals will also put your hard water count through the ceiling. b) Don't get the salt water startup kit that is recommended. That is also meant for the previous salt water unit sold by SpaDepot. Waste of money for this unit. All you need for this unit is (as the previous guy mentioned) a 40lb bag of pool salt from WalMart and OxySpa from SpaDepot. Put the right amount of OxySpa in your hot tub after each use. That is it. Nothing else. c) Measuring the salt that you put in is really not necessary. The unit will alert you almost immediately as soon as you have hit the mark. So get close, and then start adding little amounts and wait 30 seconds for it to register; it literally almost registers immediately. As soon as the green light comes on - your done. d) The amount of time required for the unit to run must be dependent upon the volume of water in your tub; although the manual doesn't state so. It just says to increase from the default of 5 hours per day until your free chlorine measures 3-4ppm. After two weeks of this, I finally registered 2ppm with "16 hours per day". I have the Belize e850 hot tub with 440 gallons of water. And it looks like I will have to go to 18 hours per day to get 3-4 ppm. It supposedly only takes the equivalent energy of a 50 watt light bulb; so no big deal. Finally: this is really a great improvement. Besides the massive savings on all the other chemicals; the water has never been clearer, softer (no skin irritation, as we had to move from the copper ion process due to issues with my wife's skin; and zero problems now after a few weeks and my wife's skin); no odor; no chemical smell or taste or residue on your skin. And zero maintenance. I have had to do nothing with the hot tub other than to add OxySpa to it after each use. I am in the tub 10+ times per week, and over the last 3 weeks, have had friends and family in as well. Absolutely no problem with the water! Clarity, no smell, etc. - perfect.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 45-54
Location: Woodland Park, CO
Has owned this product for: 2 - 7 weeks
Uses product: Daily

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Average     11/8/2014
Recommended because that is all there is. After about a year and a half I'm having to replace my second cell.The first they covered under warranty, after I made a fuss. My 1200 gal swim spa will chlorinate, but it takes 20 hours plus, so there's little room for decreases in efficiency, which is what seems to happen. However, still beats other systems hands down, and maintenance and chemical savings make up for the cell replacement (I hope).

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 55 or Older
Location: Austin Tx
Has owned this product for: Over 1 year
Uses product: Daily

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Excellent     11/5/2014
The salt system
I've had the Saltron in service for three water changes and here's the deal. If you haven't switched to saltwater for your hot tub, go ahead and do it. I suspect all hot tubs will be this way in the near future. It is the most important innovation since the ozonator. This will be a long post, but hopefully will help those new to the idea. I made all the mistakes, so maybe you won't have to. With new water and clean filters, adjust the ph if needed and metal-lux etc. Do not add shock or chlorine. Use the supplied table to accurately assess how much salt is needed and keep it on the low end of the range. An accurate weight scale is important. Heat the tub water, add the salt, and run the unit several times over a 24 hour period. It takes a good long while for the salt water to stabilize. Don't know why but it does. Mistake #1 – I checked salt too early using expensive strips. It indicated low salt, so more was added. When it stabilized a day later, too much salt. This required water to be drained and fresh tap water added to dilute it. Time consuming pain. Electrode is placed in the water. If salt is too high/low it won't come on (it tells you which). No need for test strips. Machine operates in a fairly narrow range of salt concentration and strips won't help that much. If machine says it is low, add small amounts of salt and wait for a day to stabilize. Once it is in the operating range, nothing much more has to be done until water is added from evap. Even then it may not need it. Keep track of precisely how much salt is needed for the gallons in the tub. Once the number is known, it is a simple matter to repeat for each water change. No need for expensive middle east exotic salts. Get a #50 bag of pool salt from walmart or a pool store and that will last for years. The salt concentration is quite low, 32 times less than the ocean I understand. It feels much better on the skin that un-salted water, by a long shot. Doesn't bother my eyes in the least. Once the salt concentration has been established for your particular pool, the work is done. I have an ozonator which helps I'm sure. If no ozonator, then kick the unit up a notch or two to kill organisms. So far, I have not had to add salt after adding water from evaporation. Our tub has been thru three water changes at four month intervals, six months in the summer. The water stays crystal clear all the way thru the cycle. Amazing. No other chemicals are needed at all. If the ph is right at re-fill, no chemical adjustment is ever necessary. We use the tub, cover it back up, and walk away. This system saves a lot of time and money and I hope it holds up over time. At each re-fill I put the electrode in a cup of vinegar to dissolve any buildup. Works fine. Unit has to be turned off of course. Your water may have greater buildup and require something a bit stronger. No problem. Spa Depot sells it. Say goodbye to chemicals. Your skin will appreciate it. The only thing I would add to the unit is an on/off switch. This would make it more convenient to re-set the timing and duration of chlorine production. This gadget goes well beyond my expectations and wished I had one ten years ago. I notice that the top companies are now selling units with the salt system built in.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 55 or Older
Location: KY
Has owned this product for: 7 - 11 months
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Showing 3 out of 9 reviews. See all reviews.

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