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Nature 2 for Spas
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Nature2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer

SKU: CA1016
PRICE: $22.95

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The Nature 2 spa purifier is an easy alternative to chlorine and bromine, which fits inside your filter cartridge. Its natural mineral purifier system lasts a full 4 months. Odorless if used with Oxy-Spa (potassium monopersulfate) non-chlorine shock. Makes your spa so easy to manage.  Assures an odor-free hot tub, while significantly improving the look & feel of the water.  Simplifies water balance since it releases its sanitizer automatically.

9 out of 10 spa users prefer Nature2 over their old method! Nature2 for spas is perfect for spa owners looking for an eco-friendly, low maintenance alternative to heavy chlorine or bromine to keep their spa clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Nature2 Spa uses a patented, EPA-approved mineral bed technology to effectively kill bacteria safely and effortlessly. Nature2 works by automatically dissolving trace amounts of mineral elements into the water. Those elements act as a sanitizer to destroy bacteria and viruses. Just drop the Nature2 spa stick into the spa's filter and forget about it for up to four months! Nature2 will keep your spa sparkling clean and smelling great – even in-between use. Improves performance of ozone-equipped systems.  Suitable for spas up to 500 gallons.

Easy Installation:
Drops into the core of most spa filters.  (Works with suction-side and pressure-side filter systems). Run spa at least 4 hours daily to release and disperse mineral ions into the spa water.

Product notes:  Works with most spa filters. Minimum required filter length is approx. 7" (When installed, the Nature 2 Spa Purifier must be at least 1" above the bottom of the filter to prevent blocking water flow); minimum filter hole diameter is 1-1/4".

Get a full year's supply with the money-saving 3-pack!
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Showing 3 out of 5 reviews. See all reviews.

Excellent     1/21/2015
Best way to go for me
I have been using the Nature2 and the Oxy-Spa and the water is always clear. I will only use this product from now on in my spa. Just follow the instruction and your going to be amazed how easy it is to maintain clear clean water.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 45-54
Location: South Texas
Has owned this product for: 2 - 6 months
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Excellent     8/14/2014
I love this stuff more than words can convey. I started out using Bromine and even though the water was clear I itched!!! Swim suits faded and it bothered my lungs. 5 months into owning a spa I had a party and the water went to pot. I'm pretty dedicated about the water, used a routine for chemical treatments recommended by the dealer, and drained and cleaned it even in the winter. I decided at that point I didn't want to sit in chemicals anymore and I ordered Le Naturel Spa. For over 2 months I tried every thing that they recommended and it just didn't work. The water was discolored, cloudy and smelly. I hated my spa. A friend suggested Nature2. I LOVE IT!!! We were in the spa tonight, in the dark, with the spa lights on. The water was so sparkling clear that the water and lights looked like glitter in the current. It's so easy. I have a routine, not sure that it's exactly the right one, but it's working wonderfully. No more cloudy water, no odor's, no itching. I love my spa again!!

Reviewer: Female   Age Group: 55 or Older
Location: Douglas, WY
Has owned this product for: 2 - 7 weeks
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Excellent     1/1/2014
Using in place of the Freshwater Ag
When I opened the carton I would swear that I had the Freshwater Ag mineral stick in hand. Other than the color. Same size and same porting for the water circulation. The rods for the stand-up height were a slightly different design but near identical in outward appearance. Hmmmm..... I have had the Nature2 mineral stick in place for a few weeks now and will say that in conjunction with the ozone generator and minimal use of Oxy-Spa MPS and once per week chlorine shock I am maintenance free with crystal clear water. All that is left is the monthly filter rinse.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 55 or Older
Location: Casa Grande, AZ
Has owned this product for: 2 - 7 weeks
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Showing 3 out of 5 reviews. See all reviews.

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