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BlueLine Power Cost Monitor BLI-28000

SKU: AC1076
PRICE: $98.95

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Save Electricity by Using the Blue Line Power Cost Monitor

This innovative, easy-to-use and simple-to-install home power monitor gives you and your family real time feedback on how you are using electricity. By installing it and changing how you consume electrical power, you can save up to $250* per year. How? As seen on FOX News, ABC, and CNN, the PowerCost Monitor™ helps people shrink their bills by showing them exactly where they are consuming energy and how even small changes in their electricity usage can save serious money.

We all want to save energy (and money), but don't know how much we're using at any given time – or which appliances, lights, systems, or habits are making electricity bills soar. Clear real-time power usage data helps you make simple changes to reduce energy consumption and save dollars. Children love to observe the energy monitor's digital readout too (imagine kids, eager to turn off unneeded lights!)

Blue Line Power Monitor Now its easy for all spa owners to monitor energy usage when heating, high vs. low speed, when in standby mode, etc. You'll clearly see the savings in programming your spa controls for off-peak heating and maximum energy efficiency, while maintaining adequate filtration cycle time.

Spa owners report saving enough wasted energy in other areas of their homes to pay for much, if not most of the cost of hot tub operation, just by installing and using the PowerCost Monitor! You can do the same.*

Includes Two Components

  • (1) The Sensor Unit attaches easily to the outside surface of your electric utility meter. It reads your electric usage in real-time and transmits the information wirelessly to the power usage monitor, located inside your home. (Easily removed if ever necessary, with just a screwdriver. No alteration whatsoever is made to the meter). Compatible with most power utility meters.
  • (2) The wireless, high quality Power Monitor resembles a small digital clock. With a range of up to 100ft from the sensor unit, you can place it just about anywhere- in the kitchen, on your nightstand or conveniently placed on any wall. Look at your Power Monitor anytime to see current energy usage, how much you are spending now and your 24-hour usage, as well as time and outdoor temperature.

 Display Features of the BLI-28000

Advanced Functions

The newly-engineered BLI28000 Power Cost Monitor is the advanced, fourth-generation model from Blue Line Innovations. 

  • Appliance tab: Want to know how much a certain appliance, such as a hot tub, oven, or TV costs to use? The PowerCost Monitor™ will tell you! Pressing the appliance function zeros out your current energy consumption readings, creating a baseline measure of your power usage at that time. You then simply turn on or off an appliance or fixture(s) and the PowerCost Monitor™ will report the $ or kW impact of that change. Research identified that this is a key feature of the PowerCost Monitor™ energy saving device. This new product feature makes it easy to see how your energy usage habits can turn into energy saving habits.
  • Predictive feature: A quick press on the total/est toggle will provide the user, based on actual energy consumption from the last reset, with an estimate of the 30 Day energy consumption totals in $ or kW. Research has identified this to have a significant positive impact on energy consumption behavior in the home.
  • Sleep function: Blue Line's new BLI 28000 has a sleep function and other improvements which greatly prolong battery life. Pressing any button on the monitor will bring it back to ready mode. (Battery life is excellent: typically 1 year for monitor, and 8-12 months for sensor unit). 

Utility Meter Compatibility

The PowerCost Monitor works by seeing the moving disk or digital meter – which is visible on most meters. The sensor is compatible with most AMR, AMI, Smart Meters. Compatible with most circular meters, standard in North America, and with analog (electromechanical discs) and digital meters. If the sensor can see the disc or the optical port, then potential for compatibility is high. 

Compatible with the following meters:

  • Rotating Disk meters with Black Mark clearly visible (very common)
  • CENTRON by Itron/Schlumberger
  • I-210 by GE
  • iCon by Sensus
  • R1S, REX by Elster
  • Echelon EM-502xx -Series
  • NES - Solid State Watt Hour Meter
 Utility Meter Compatibility Guide  User Guide  Installation Guide

Product notes: New model BLI-28000. Includes complete, easy setup and installation instructions. Simple to install using just a screwdriver. Four Duracell Alkaline AA batteries are also included! One year Blueline Innovations factory warranty.

*Energy savings vary based on your primary heat source, regional electricity prices and changes to household usage patterns. 

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