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CAUTION: Electrical repairs can be dangerous, especially around water. Repairs must be made by a qualified electrician or spa technician. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected prior to making any inspections or repairs.

Shut the  power off at the service panel, and as a secondary precaution, disconnect the power to the spa as well. Do not attempt to perform electrical repairs unless you are qualified.

Replacement of a defective spa air blower (also called an air pump or bubbler) is usually not a difficult repair job.  Blowers are simple units, consisting of a fan motor and housing.  So when they fail, we recommend that the entire assembly be replaced, rather than attempt a motor replacement repair, which would result in little or no cost savings.

Premature blower failure is usually caused by water intrusion.  We'll show you how to reduce that potential so that maximum service life can be obtained from your new one. 

Blower Troubleshooting Tips

About Air Plumbing in Hot Tubs

Air blowers are plumbed in one of two ways: One type is via a channel cavity adhered to the shell, which has drilled holes allowing air to pass up into the water. The other method is shown in our animation:  Air from the blower runs to a manifold, then is distributed via smaller air lines to individual air injector jet fittings placed around the spa's shell. blower plumbing diagram

Most air blowers operate on 110V circuits, but many are 220V.  Make sure your replacement matches the controller's voltage requirement.  Our Easy-Air replacement blowers universally accept either 1.5" or 2" air duct plumbing.

Removal of Old Blower

Open the hot tub's equipment access door and locate the old blower assembly. hot tub equipment door panel
  • Disconnect the air duct hose from the blower's exhaust port
  • Unplug blower's electrical cable from the spa control pack
  • Disconnect grounding wire, if present
  • Remove mounting bolts
  • Observe voltage tag on old blower for proper replacement
Note: This guide refers to blowers which are housed inside a portable home spa cabinet and protected from rain & weather.

Installing the New Blower

The installation of your replacement blower is essentially the reverse of the removal process described above.  Once again, verify that the power is disconnected from the spa before proceeding.  Remember: prevention of water intrusion into your new blower is the key to long life.  If called for, you may want to make some minor changes in orientation and/or plumbing as described below.

Electrical Cable

Universal cord adapter

There are several different plug types, but If you are using one of our Easy-Air blowers, matching the plug is not a problem. Just select the cord type that matches your equipment, or hard-wire to the 8" tail.

Mounting Portable Spa Blowers

Easy Air

Our technologically-superior Easy-Air blowers can be installed in any position and attached using screws.  As an added measure to prevent water intrusion, we recommend that it be mounted as high as possible.

EasyAir blowers must be protected from the weather; typically installed inside the spa cabinet housing.

Hot Tub Air Blower by EasyAir
Installation Tip: If space and plumbing considerations allow for it, mount the blower with its exhaust opening pointing downward.  This is one more precaution against moisture entry from the hot tub.

Hartford Loop & Check Valve

Blower water intrusion is prevented by the use of both a loop and one-way check valve.  Blower air is delivered via 1.5" or 2" ducting (which may be flexible hose, rigid PVC, or a combination of both).  It is important that the ducting be looped up inside the spa cabinet to a position above the waterline at one point.  This is called a Hartford Loop, and acts somewhat like a kitchen sink drain trap to keep water out of the blower motor. Hartford Loop
After the loop, a one-way check valve is installed which offers added blower protection.  Air from the blower will compress the valve spring when operational, opening the gate, and closing it when blower is off.

We recommend that a new blower check valve be installed whenever replacing a blower-- it's pretty cheap insurance.  Our replacement 1/4 lb. rated check valves are universal and accept either 1.5" or 2" plumbing.  Make sure the check valve is oriented in the proper direction.

Outdoor Blower Mounting

Outdoor Air Blowers

For outdoor applications such as in-ground spas, you must use a weather-rated blower with a rainproof housing such as our whisper-quiet AquaPro Spa and Pool Blowers.

Outdoor air blowers are hard-wired, and can be mounted to a post or wall.

Blower Plumbing Connections

Do not use PCV cement Do not use glue or cement for the duct connection to the blower.  PVC cement is used for the water plumbing systems of hot tubs, but air blower plumbing is a little different.

In the air blower systems of hot tubs, the portion of the system from the blower to one side of the check valve is referred to as the dry side.  We call the portion of the system from the other side of the check valve to the spa (where the water is) the wet side.

The air hose should be attached to the blower with self-tapping screws.  (Unlike water fittings, tiny air leaks, if any, are not a consideration).  All connections on the dry side can be made with screws, including the attachment to the dry side of the check valve.

The wet side of the check valve and all plumbing between the check valve and the spa are cement connections.

Hazard: PVC cement emits highly flammable fumes which can cause combustion or an explosion from the operation of a blower.  If any connections to the air blower system are glued, such as hose extensions, be sure to allow time for the cement to dry, and all fumes to completely dissipate before attaching the hose to the blower (with screws) and before operating the blower.
PVC cement fumes

Control System Connection

Spa pack connection Finally, plug the power cable back into the proper external or internal connector of your control system, as the case may be.

Note: Older-style metal blowers with grounding lug must be grounded in accordance with electrical code.


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