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Acid Magic - Muriatic Acid Replacement

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The Safer Spa & Pool Acid

Acid Magic is the best product for dissolving calcium deposits on filter cartridges, and for cleaning tile and concrete. Use liquid Acid Magic to more effectively reduce high pH and total alkalinity in spas and pools. *

  • Equal activity to Muriatic Acid
  • Less fuming issues
  • Safer handling - does not burn intact skin
  • More effective in reducing high pH than dry acid products
  • Very economical to use -- a little goes a long way
  • Superior for filter scale cleaning
  • Great for cleaning salt chlorine generator cells 

Acid Magic offers the advantages of liquid acid products while nearly eliminating many of the dangers, including skin burns and toxic fumes. Dramatically more effective in reducing stubbornly high pH and TA than dry acid pH Decreaser.  

More about Acid Magic

Filter Scale Removal

Removes Filter Cartridge Scale

Muriatic Acid washing of filter cartridges is a problem because of dangers associated with product handling. Acid Magic is equally effective in removing calcium deposits, but much safer to use. It's easier on filter media, so filters last longer. 

First clean filter with Power Soak or Eco Soak, rinse, then soak the cartridge in a solution of one part Acid Magic to twenty parts water until all bubbling stops. Presto! Scale is gone! (Read and observe all safety precautions on bottle).

Product notes: For pH adjustments, start by using 1 1/2 oz. of product per 500 gallons water, if pH is above 8.0. (2 tablespoons = 1 oz.) Check with test strips to determine additional adjustments. Diluted Acid Magic is great for cleaning salt chlorine generator cells, such as Saltron Mini and Nexa Spa. Contains specially-buffered hydrochloric acid. Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for use as a drinking water treatment chemical. Read bottle instructions and precautions before using.

*Acid Magic is not registered for pH adjustment in California.

32 fl. oz.


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Excellent     12/20/2014
Great for filters and other things too!
I originally purchased the Acid Magic for cleaning the scale from filer cartridges, and also for lowering the high pH of our pool (I like it better than dry acid because I don't have to worry about it dissolving or acid crystals lying on the pool bottom). But I've found another use that was not expected. I had a pair of pruning clippers that had rusted so bad that you could not even open the blades. I knew that muriatic can be used to remove rust, so I soaked the shears in Acid Magic overnight. Like "magic" the rust was almost completely gone in the morning!

Has owned this product for: Over 1 year
Uses product: Monthly

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Excellent     10/26/2014
Much better than plain muriatic acid
Identical to regular acid in performance, but much more pleasant to use.

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 25-34
Has owned this product for: 1 week or less
Uses product: Monthly

Recommends this product? Yes

Excellent     4/8/2013
Good stuff!
I run into some particularly nasty cleaning problems in my residential cleaning business. One of them is dirty bathtubs with certain types of stains that have been nearly impossible to remove until I discovered Acid Magic. It's used in place of Muriatic Acid and advertised as a safer alternative-- that's what caught my eye. It will not burn the skin, although I have found that it will sting, if you have a cut or open sore. It definately has a lot less fumes than Muriatic Acid, however, you still do get some fumes that require you to have open ventilation. When I use Acid Magic, I wet the area to be cleaned and let it sit for at least 20 minutes or so, while I do the rest of my cleaning away from that area. I have found that extra time gives the acid time to work and time for the fumes to dissipate. After letting it sit, I usually only have to use a wet rag to clean out the tub, but occasionally it will take a second application to get all the dirt and grime clean if the tub was really groaty or has calcium scale issues. I've had success using Acid Magic on tile, porcelain tubs and sinks, brick & concrete, and at home have used it to remove stains & scum from my boat hull. One thing to be careful of, like Muriatic Acid, it will slightly etch concrete. Overall it's is a better choice for me than plain Muriatic Acid and it sure makes my cleaning jobs a lot more pleasant!

Reviewer: Male   Age Group: 35-44
Location: Endwell, NY 13760
Has owned this product for: Over 1 year
Uses product: Daily

Recommends this product? Yes

Showing 3 out of 5 reviews. See all reviews.

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