What’s New at SpaDepot.com?

So you just purchased a new hot tub, or a new jet or filter for your existing tub, you received it faster than you expected, it works flawlessly, and you just want to tell someone about it. Or, maybe the product wasn’t quite what you thought it was based on the description that you read. How do you let the company you purchased it from know about these things?

We’ve got you Coveredreviews

We love feedback. Now you can go to any product on SpaDepot.com and add a review. Your feedback and comments may help someone else find what they are looking for, or your review may allow us to make it easier for others to find a product. We’ve based the review option on a 5 star rating system, recommendation, and how often you use the product. Reviews let us know how we are doing. After all, the reason I come to work in the morning is to get you the parts and products that you need to keep your tub running, whether it’s a replacement jet, chemicals for clean water, a new cover or a new tub. Sometimes I even work on weekends to make sure the site is working perfectly (even on vacation!).

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We have implemented many new things in the last year, just for you!

Other Updates at SpaDepot.com

We now have a better, streamlined Live Chat system that allows you to connect in real time with one of our Customer Service Representatives or Spa Technical Specialists. With live chat, you can talk back and forth with one of our specialists. We can now guide you to the correct page on our website, to help you find what you need faster than ever.

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We also have a new support ticketing system that allows you to get help via email, where you can upload images and we can research the replacement parts you need. Then you get a chance to rate the support you received too. This helps us to know how we’re doing. You can read some of these reviews here. We’re here to help! If you are reading this, undoubtedly you stumbled upon our Hot Tub Blog; it’s new in the last year as well. Our blog is full of helpful articles about hot tub cleaning & maintenance, spa chemicals, guest articles from industry experts, how to make your backyard awesome, and many other topics, you can check out the archives on the right side of this page. You can always ask us questions here as well, in the comments under any of our blog articles.

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We’ve had a Facebook page for quite some time, but recently, we started using it fully. We post new products, product specials, coupon codes, and stories on our page. We also love hearing from our customers about how we’re doing, and helping customers directly on our Facebook page. Like us on Facebook.

Twitter is fairly new to us. We post images, products and special offers here too. Follow us on Twitter.

For awesome spa and hot tub images, we have a Pinterest page. We invite you to look it over and follow us there too! We will continue to work hard to always get you the answers and information that you need as fast as possible!