Spring Patio Decorating Ideas

Spring has finally arrived. The supermarkets & garden centers are stocked with colorful flowers, and the time to get your yard ready for summer entertaining is here! But, sometimes starting with a blank slate and trying to turn it into an amazing space can be difficult. I’ve teamed up with design expert Debra Williams to show you how to get your hot tub & patio area looking amazing for under $300.


With all of the patio furniture safely tucked away for the Washington winter, we started with a space that was lacking color and the “sit down and relax” feel a patio should have.


Where to Begin

Whether your hot tub is outdoors or in an indoor sun-room, flowers are a perfect starting point for sprucing up your space.  “Texture is a major contributor to visual appeal.” says Debra Williams. “Selecting textured flower pots are a great way to achieve this.”

flower pots

Since we were working with green patio furniture, we selected a nicely textured green pot and combined it with a few other fun colors.

Potting Plants the Right Way

Drainage is very important when it comes to potting plants. Without good drainage the roots will rot and the plant will die. We recommend placing a few handfuls of rocks at the bottom of your pot before adding dirt, this will help excess water escape and keep your plants happy and healthy.

Planting tips

Whether planting in a pot or straight into the ground, remember to break up the roots a bit before inserting the plant into the soil. This will help the plant establish a strong root system in its new home. For the best look, choose tall varieties for the middle and place shorter or trailing plants around the edges.

Decorating on a Dime


terrariumvintage treasures

Flea markets & thrift stores are a fabulous source for inexpensive vintage or rustic patio decorations. If you’re on a budget like me, this is the best (& most fun) option.coffee tables Outdoor Lighting

Your patio looks fabulous during the day but what happens when the sun goes down? It’s important to give as much thought to your outdoor lighting as you do to the décor. lighting

There are many lighting options out there, including some really extravagant light strands. We chose simple white outdoor lights because they are elegant, inexpensive and work well with every style. Hover your mouse over the photo below to see how we spent our budget!
With summer fast approaching, an outdoor space can quickly become your family’s favorite spot! summer landscaping Have questions or other tips about decorating your outdoor space? Post a comment below!