Preparing Your Hot Tub for Fall

The warm days of summer are coming to an end and the nights are getting steadily cooler. As the weather shifts into an autumn chill, most people find themselves enjoying their hot tubs on a more frequent basis. Now is a great time to prepare your spa for fall usage. Following the simple steps below will ensure you get the most out of your hot tub this season!fall

Draining & Refilling Your Hot Tub

 Spa System Flushing

Flushing your spa plumbing system prior to draining will save you time in the long run by eliminating scum build-up in the pipes which often cause water balancing problems if left unchecked. We recommend Spa System Flush for its unsurpassed cleaning performance and economical price.  


Always start your hot tub draining procedure by shutting off the heater and powering off the spa, then switching off the power service at the breaker panel or disconnect box for safety. Hot Tub Drain

  • Tip: Prior to shutting off power, check the GFCI to ensure that it is functioning properly. To do this, press the “test” button.

Once the power is shut off to your tub, you can resume your normal draining routine. For more in-depth information about how and when to drain your spa, check-out this great article on Draining Your Hot Tub.


Before refilling your spa, take time to wipe down the shell with a rag and gentle non-foaming cleanser. This will remove the remaining contaminants and help you to start your hot tub with cleaner clearer water. If you have well water or live in an area with hard water, consider using a hose-end pre-filter to filter out excess minerals and other small particles before they enter the spa. A pre-filter can also prevent hard-to-remove water line stains and scale build-up on the equipment.



Cleaning/Replacing Your Filter Cartridge

It’s good practice to clean your filters every time you drain and refill your spa. Not only because a clean filter promotes cleaner water and reduces cloudiness, but also because it increases the longevity of the filter itself. With regular cleaning, your filter should be replaced about once every 6 months. So, if you replaced your filter in the spring, it’s time for a new one.

Hot Tub Cover Care

Early fall is the perfect time to clean and treat your spa cover for the coming cold season! To properly clean your cover:

  1. Hose down the vinyl to loosen dirt and grime.
  2. Apply gentle non-abrasive oil free cleaner on a rag or soft sponge.
  3. Wipe off dirt and grime, regularly hosing off rag or sponge to prevent smearing.
  4. After the cover is dry, apply an alcohol and oil-free protectant.

Read more about Proper Spa Cover Care.

Energy Conservation

Your spa doesn’t have to cost more during the winter! Adding an insulating ThermoFloat spa blanket can reduce heat loss due to evaporation by up to 95%. These blankets provide a layer of insulation in addition to your hot tub cover. The blanket lies directly on top of the water, preventing evaporation and protecting your spa cover at the same time. Now that your hot tub is clean and ready for Fall, it’s time to enjoy it!

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