How to Properly Store Hot Tub Chemicals + 4 Nifty Organization Ideas!

Bread sitting out on the counter will get moldy quicker than if it was stored in the refrigerator. Likewise, test strips and spa chemicals are also sensitive to moisture and extreme temperatures. Storing your hot tub chemicals and supplies in the right place and at the right temperature can make a huge difference in their shelf life. Here are some great tips on how to keep your hot tub supplies fresh, functional and organized!

The Right Temperature

Hot tub chemicals, cleaners and test strips can be damaged or destroyed by extreme hot or cold temperatures. If frozen, bottles can burst and liquids can become de-homogenized, rendering them unusable. If kept in a hot environment, test strips can degrade and electronic accessories can become damaged and stop functioning properly. It is best to keep your hot tub supplies at around 55-70° F.

Storage Environment

A dry storage environment out of direct sunlight is essential for chemical longevity. If allowed to remain in a moist atmosphere, granular chemicals, tablets, aromatherapy crystals and test strips will degrade and test strips will no longer read accurately. To avoid this, be sure to place all hot tub chemicals and supplies in a tight-sealing storage bin, or consider moving your supplies to a dry location.

Secure Your Supplies

After use, be sure to securely re-tighten lids and caps, and clean off any spillage on the sides of the bottle to prevent cross contamination.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure that your hot tub or pool supplies are stored out of reach of children.

Organization Tips

Keeping your chemicals organized really helps to eliminate unnecessary burden when it comes time to treat or clean your hot tub.

Tip 1:

Hot tub storage steps are a great way to keep your supplies organized and always handy. Most steps have a flip-open top or drawers to conveniently store your spa essentials. These are especially convenient for after hot tub use water shocking, as you do not have to venture far for the spa shock bottle.

Tip 2:

If you prefer to store your hot tub supplies and chemicals indoors, consider using a hanging shoe organizer! This is an innovative and space saving way to store your spa chemicals and accessories. These mount conveniently on the back or front of any door.

Tip 3:

Store your spa supplies in a locking cabinet. This is a great option for households with children, as it prevents them from easily accessing potentially dangerous chemicals. Always remember to lock the cabinet after each use.

Tip 4:

Keep your hot tub chemicals in a portable storage container! This allows you to easily transport all of your spa supplies out to the hot tub at once, and store the bin out of reach of children when not in use.

Do you have any questions about hot tub chemical storage or tips for organization? Post a comment below!