How Hot Should A Hot Tub Be?

Do you wonder what temperature to keep your hot tub? Should you lower the temperature after each use? Get answers to these important questions & more here. Hot Tub Temperature

Temperature controlThe temperature you keep your spa water largely depends on personal preference.  While the majority of users find 100° F – 102° F degrees comfortable, some folks prefer the maximum 104° F.  For example, I like the water at 103° F but, my husband runs a little warm and prefers 100° F.  Luckily we are good at compromising and keep our tub at 101° F!
A question I’m frequently asked is “Can I turn my spa up higher than 104° F?”Happy Couple The answer is no; all new spas heat to a maximum 104° F.

The National Spa and Pool Institute considers 104° F to be the maximum safe water temperature for adults.  Therefore, spa controls have a limit that prevents heating past 104° F.


NOTE: Even with the hi-limit, it is recommended that a separate thermometer be kept in the spa to verify the temperature prior to entering the water.

Maintaining A Set Temperature

Many users want their spas to be as energy efficient as possible.  Lowering the temperature after use and increasing it right before is not recommended.  This will not only cause more wear and tear on your heater element, it also causesSpa un-necessary stress to the circuit board.

Unless you are going to be away for an extended period of time, such as a summer vacation, turning down the tub will save little or no energy. It is best for the spa system and element to maintain a set temperature. If your spa cover is in good working order and well insulated, it should have no problem maintaining heat at a low expense.


Not always a Hot tub??

Most spa users enjoy hot tubbing during the cooler months to warm up, but most people do not realize their spa can also be used in warmer weather to cool down.

Many spa controls and thermostats have the ability to lower the thermostat to 80 degrees or less. So why not use your spa year round?!

Health Concerns & Children

If you are pregnant, have a health condition such as heart disease, diabetes, high or lowFamily blood pressure, or any other serious illness, you should not enter a spa or hot tub without first consulting with your physician to verify the appropriate temperature.

As children are more sensitive to overheating, it is recommend not expose them to water over 95° F.  Please talk to a physician for guidance before children use the spa.

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