7 Best Massage Tips for Your Honey In the Hot Tub

Massaging your honey in your hot tub can be a great Valentine’s Day treat for both of you to enjoy and unwind (really- all year long!). Touch is great way to share intimacy, appreciation, and connection. Benefits include: relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and irritability. The hot tub provides a safe, comfortable place to express your gratitude to your partner that they are in your life. Continue reading

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The winter season is a difficult time for many people. The dreary weather leaves 1 in 4 Americans feeling tired, melancholy and even depressed. After the holiday season these feelings can become even more severe. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and activities to help you make it through. I’ve put together the 5 best ways to beat the winter blues! Continue reading

How to Meditate in your Hot Tub

Meditation is by far the most beneficial habit one can develop relative to the effort involved. It doesn’t take much, and the well-documented health benefits are too great to ignore. From mental focus to cardiac health, meditation has been proven in numerous recent studies to be an undeniable boon to overall well being. As other holistic health practices like yoga and organic eating have increased in popularity, the benefits of meditation have become widely available to the American public. Continue reading

Water Hardness Decoded: How Hard Water Affects Your Hot Tub, House & Health

Hard water contains deposits called scale, which build-up on hot tub equipment causing premature failure and clogged plumbing if left unchecked. But, did you know that hard water can also be damaging to your skin? Learn how to perform a water hardness test to safeguard your hot tub, house and your skin here. Continue reading