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Guest Blogger Editorial Style Guide

Thank you for your interest in writing for SpaDepot.com’s blog!

The Spa Depot’s Hot Tub Blog focuses on helping hot tub owners get the most out of their spas. Whether it be care tips, how-tos, expert advice or educational content, we strive to house a variety of helpful subject matter for our readers.

Before you start writing for us, we urge you to carefully review our style guide to ensure that your content fits our criteria.

Quality Content & General Rules

We are looking for high quality original content. This means that:

∙ Titles must be intriguing and summarize the article accurately in less than 100 characters.

∙ All links must include anchor text.

∙ Articles must not contain more than 5 links and any link must direct readers to relevant content.

∙ The article must be an original piece, not published on any other website.

∙ The article must contain proper grammar and sentence structure.

∙ Include a short author’s bio and your headshot when submitting the article.

∙ Articles need to be at least 500 words, but preferably 1,000+.

Tips for Successful Writing


Including relevant quality images in your article helps to hold the reader’s attention and makes the reader more likely to share your content through social media.

∙ The maximum image width is 640px.

∙ All images must come with a source.

Formatting your Content

Formatting some of your content into bullet points or numbered lists is a great way to increase readability. Bold text, italics and the use of headings are all part of good blog writing.


Be sure to include plenty of relevant keywords in your article, and more importantly, use popular formatting for these words!

For example, use Hot Tub or Portable Spa instead of just “spa”.

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