5 Common Hot Tub Myths Exposed

Myths and misconceptions surround our everyday lives, and sometimes it’s hard to distinguish fact from fiction.  Save yourself time and money by knowing common hot tub myths and the facts.


Myth #1: Adding Antifreeze to Your Hot Tub is a Good Idea.

Fact: Antifreeze is extremely difficult to flush completely out of the system once it is added. Residual antifreeze can be extremely toxic when absorbed through the skin.

There are far better ways to prevent your hot tub from freezing. Read more about how to properly winterize your hot tub.


Myth #2: You Can Use Household Bleach as a Sanitizer & Cover Cleaner.

Fact: Some people are tempted to use household bleach as a hot tub or pool sanitizer. The truth is, household bleach can cause damage to the finish of your hot tub, deteriorate filter media and permanently damage your hot tub cover.

Tip: Excessive ozone, chlorine or bromine levels can also bleach the underside of your spa cover. Testing your water regularly and using a ThermoFloat blanket can prevent this problem.


Myth #3: You Don’t Need Chemicals if You Have An Ozonator.

Fact: Ozone has a very short half-life in water (about 15 minutes) and it is not totally effective as a sanitizer. You will still need to use a system such as bromine, Cleanwater Blue or Nature 2. However, ozonators do decrease (up to 25%) the amount of chemicals you need to achieve balanced water.


Myth #4: Chlorine Causes my Eyes to Burn in The Hot Tub.

Fact: While chlorine can cause skin irritation, the most common cause of a burning eye sensation while soaking in a hot tub is due to imbalanced pH and/or Alkalinity. Low pH results in acidic water, while too high of alkalinity can cause the water to become caustic.


Myth #5: You Can Clean Your Filter by Running it Through a Dishwasher.

Fact: The high heat in your automatic dishwasher is a quick way to deteriorate the filtering media and ruin your filter cartridge.

To properly clean your filter, simply soak it in a filter cleaning solution for 1-2 hours and rinse thoroughly. This will remove dirt and oil while maintaining the integrity of the filter media.


Have questions about hot tub maintenance or any of the myths we discussed above? Post a comment below!